The LifeComps Aggregate Portfolio returns for the Quarter ending December 31, 2016, are:

  Quarter Rolling Four Quarters
Total Return: -2.72454% 3.93867%
Income Return: 1.11064% 4.73372%
Price Return: -3.83519% -0.79505%
Cash Yield: 1.18200% 4.96800%
Principal Balance ($B): $114.261  
Ending No. Loans: 4,395  
Wtd. Avg. Duration: 5.46600  

Yield curve

As is true for all fixed income instruments, mortgage loan market values move inversely with interest rates, affecting both the price (appreciation) return and the total return.

For 4th quarter 2016, the upwards shift in the yield curve - along with market issues - resulted in a negative price return of -3.83519% for the portfolio.


LifeComps calculates total return using the Modified Dietz methodology. Rolling four quarters figures are the compounded latest four quarters returns.

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